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What are the contraindications of Levitra?

As with any drug, associated with the stimulation of the sexual act, Levitra has certain contraindications. In particular, it means not to be taken in the following cases: - an anatomical penile dysfunction (bending, Peyronie's disease, etc.), - the presence of any type of cardiovascular diseases, - severe liver and renal pathologies - heart diseases when a man is contraindicated to have sexual relations at all It is also forbidden to combine the reception of Levitra with any medication containing active nitrates. Special caution is necessary if a man is prone to bleeding, has the low blood or high blood pressure or in case of having the diagnose of stenocardia or ulcer. Be careful reading about the cases which may prevent you from using Levitra before buying it.

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Are there any side effects caused by Levitra?

Levitra will help to restore erection effectively, providing with the natural sexual intercourse. However, as any medication, Levitra may cause some negative effects which may appear, especially in case of overdose of the drug. Some men have reported experiencing the following side effects: - allergic reaction to the main component Vardenafil - decreased vision - chest pain - dizziness - headache - skin rash - sweating - hearing loss Severe side effects are rare. If you doubt concerning possible allergies, you should warn your healthcare specialist and to make some tests before taking Levitra.The risk of worsening of negative impact of Levitra is if you take more than the recommended dose. Some men may think that the larger dose will be more effective but it is not right as overdose may cause more serious side effects.

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What advantages can Levitra provide men with?

Levitra is able to provide men with a great number of benefits. They are listed below: - It effectively solves the problem of sexual dysfunction; - It allows men to be ready for sexual relations in all circumstances; - It is characterized by the natural action; - The erection is not unfounded; - It can be combined with alcoholic drinks and any food; - It rapidly exerts its effect; - It is suitable for all ages; - Its action is not affected by the presence of the circulatory system diseases and diabetes; - It does not cause hormonal disruptions; - It does not act on the nervous and circulatory systems; - It doesn’t have an addiction syndrome; - It does not affect the future health of the child; - It doesn’t have a lot of contraindications; - It can cause side effects rarely.

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Analogs of Levitra

Nowadays there are a great number of drugs which promise to fight the symptoms of erectile dysfunction but not all of them have the same quality.The best analogs of Levitra are Viagra based on Sildenafil and Cialis based on Tadalafil. If you experience side effects of Levitra, you can consult your doctor if it is possible to take its analog instead.

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